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Dr. T. Rajesh ACMA, Professor at Government College Nedumangad, conducted the session, which was very beneficial to all students. This session primarily provided a project outline. He began by outlining the chapters that make up a project, such as the introduction, study of related literature, theoretical framework, data analysis and findings, suggestions, and conclusion. Then he talked about the manner of drafting a project, including the font size, word spacing, etc. The first and second chapters were then addressed, including their introductions, research designs, and literature reviews, which included a discussion of the many websites from which reviews may be gathered. When conducting research or working on a project, data analysis and interpretation are essential. He provided a thorough explanation of the analysis tools and writing techniques. Prior to that, it is crucial to highlight that students sometimes misunderstand the terms questionnaire and interview schedule since they appear to be the same. However, after attending the workshops, all students have a much clearer understanding of these two types of data gathering. Finally, it can be claimed that students who attended the session gained a great deal of confidence in completing their projects.

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To fly beyond the boundaries of patriarchal oppression and gender discrimination is the dream of every mistreated woman. The Women Cell of Christ College, Vizhinjam aims at providing a meaning to such a statement. As the motto of our Women Cell denotes “Flying beyond boundaries”, we aim at giving wings to the words of women