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 Field visits play a crucial role in enhancing practical understanding and real  world application of theoretical knowledge. By immersing oneself in an actual environment, students  gain first hand experience and valuable insights that books alone cannot provide. Field visits foster a  deeper comprehension of complex concepts, encourage critical thinking, and promote holistic learning.  Additionally, these experiences often stimulate curiosity, foster a sense of exploration, and enable students to connect classroom learning with real world scenarios thus facilitating a more comprehensive  and practical education.  

 One such field visit was done by the Departments of Psychology and  Social Work combined, on 18th of October; to the psycho park located in Karunasai, Vellanad. The main  goal of the field visit was to create an opportunity to understand the depths of psychology in the most  exciting and innovative way. All the students came on time like normal days and attendance was taken  sharp at 8:30 AM. After getting wishes and words of affirmation from our respected principal Dr. Joseph  KA, we started our journey in our college bus at 9:30 AM. Upon reaching the destination, Departments  of psychology and social work split ways as we were arranged to visit the psycho park and students of  social work were arranged for their visit to a non profit organization called Mitraniketan, Vellanad. 

 We were welcomed warmly by the CEO of psycho park, Ms.Rashmi S  Nair,who later introduced us to our guide for the day, Ms.Sharanya, who was also a certified  psychologist. We were then led to dance to a song in order to pump up energy levels and to create an ice  breaking session. 

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