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“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”, a meaningful quote phrased by John Dewey. It truly emphasizes the importance of education in one’s life, and that they are indeed interrelated, not separated. With all the dedication and enthusiasm in the young minds of Christ College, Vizhinjam, the students set themselves to become the student teachers for a day and experience a day in the life of their mentors who support them daily.

As part of the Teachers’ day celebration, which was celebrated on the 5th September, 2023, selected student teachers from each and every department belonging to second, third year degree batches as well as the PG batch were given the opportunity to teach and aid the freshly acquainted first years and be their guiders for a day.

Each student, depending upon the department and the subject they represent, took on class period timing, ranging from one to three period per person. 45 minutes was the time frame each period consisted of. Evaluation was individually done by the teacher coordinators for each student teacher that may further analyse the performance of student teachers. Their day began by 8:30 am in morning with an introductory session by our Principal, Dr. Joseph K.A with a key handing ceremony and the day was renounced at 1:30 pm.

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