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The  members with Murukan Sir had visited Vavamoola Velayani lake on 27 October 2023 as part of the ecosystem group. By 2clock they were picked up from our college to the destination. It was a great day for them as it was a pleasant climatic condition with a friendly environment which helped us to be more engaged. They were given surveys about the present condition of the lake and what all the changes have taken place after these many years.They were able to collect the facts  about the lake, flora and fauna and also interacted with the peoples to know more about the lake and its surroundings.

The students saw a variety of migratory birds which came for their shelter like Neotrofic cormorant, the common  Cattle egret in the lakes and fields .There were some common water living being present in the lake like duck, fish etc. Some parts of the lake were covered with sacred lotus, Water pennyworts, Pontederia cordata etc.The lake is protected by the Panchayat with the support of the public. They also visited the Water authority station which was in road path of Vavamoola lake. They were also able to get new insights that from Vavamoola water authority the water gets production to the Vizhinjam Harbour and some water is used  for drinking purpose and for the public use.

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