Principal’s Message

Christ College dreams of creating individuals, who can think for themselves, reason out and make decisions logically and be successful in all walks of life. A close and careful monitoring of our students to shed their inhibitions and adorn themselves with fresh insights is our unvarying attempt. The students are initiated into an orderly and disciplined formation process to foster in them a total personality development. The College is well resourced to meet the needs of the students and provides a congenial learning environment and utmost standards of support and guidance. The educator as well as the educand constructs their knowledge in an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration. Therefore, our goals as well as achievements are shared because our questions and problems are also shared as we begin from the same starting point, namely, life experience.

We try to come to a consensus with shared information and data which we use as our empirical basis. Our constant endeavor is to find out shared modes of interpreting or understanding that information. A shared point of view will enable us to pursue common goals from a common framework. This is how we get out of the debacle of differences and segregation to join hands and minds to work together, so that we can live together. We believe in the commitment, dedication and support of all individuals associated with the college and that has been our strength for the past years.

The Motto of the college is enshrined in the emblem that carries the prayer of our sages as well as the Biblical citation of Christ as the way, the truth and the life. Let us strive to move from darkness to light, and ultimately knowledge expels the darkness from within each of us to live in truth in the right way. Hope that the journey forward will also be a successful and pleasant one with the blessings of God Almighty and prayers of all our well wishers.
God Bless

Dr. Meenakshy Ramachandran S