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On the 20th of October 2023, a group of seven members from our college (Christ College Vizhijum) were appointed to visit Krishibhavan in Venganoor Panchayat for a plant study survey. The purpose of this visit was to gather data and insights about different types of plants in the region. Their visit commenced in the afternoon, precisely at 2:30 PM, and was organized efficiently by the authorities. Such a journey to Krishibhavan started promptly at 2:30 PM when a vehicle arranged by the Panchayat picked us up from college. The vehicle was comfortable and accommodated all of the students comfortably. Upon reaching Krishibhavan, they were warmly welcomed by the staff and officials (Salim John) who were eager to assist us in plant study. They provided the students with the necessary materials.The Krishibhavan facility itself was well-organized and equipped with various resources related to agriculture During our visit, thw students were able to study and collect data on a wide variety of plants, including both native and exotic species. The staff at Krishibhavan were extremely helpful in answering questions of the students and provided valuable insights into plant cultivation and maintenance.They documented various aspects of the plants, including their species, growth conditions, and any specific agricultural practices in place. At around 4:30 PM, the visit came to an end, and the officials at Krishibhavan arranged for their return to the college. They left with a wealth of knowledge and data that would greatly contribute to our plant study survey.

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