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A seminar workshop on static webpages and the basics of Java by Mr. Muhammed Shajith, a software engineer- developer was organized for the students of class S2 BCA on 19-07-2023. At first, our HOD Neethu Ma’am welcomed Mr. Akhil Alex for a welcome speech. After that class begins at 10:45 am on the topic “Full stack”. Students were very interactive with them.

They share some messages for plans like what should we do after this degree and about career opportunities. After that, they show how to create a webpage using HTML and JAVA scripts. Students had doubts about the plans and he had answered everything very clearly. And the session with Shajith sir was very nice. The final part of the session was taken by Dilson sir about the Basics of Java. It was a very interesting one. They took our feedback through a form. The session ends at 1:30 pm. At last vote of thanks was said by Raihaan Allaie for concluding the session.

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The Tech Talk was a session that was held by the BCA (S1) batch in Christ College Vizhinjamon the 17th of October 2023 at 11.15am in the AV room. The main aim of Tech Talk is to createan idea about their hidden talents and the ability to speak in front of a large number of