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On 11th October, 2023, the second meeting was held in our college as an introduction with the students, in that Sri. Anil Kumar, Ms. Raji, Sri. Anil Porodu, Sri. Aji, Sri. Murukan etc. were present. They put forward the project ‘Biodiversity survey’. It was for the conservation and importance of protecting endangered species of Nature. The survey which is going to be conducted involves the cooperation of experienced individuals and organizations in the fields of agriculture, dairy development, animal husbandry, flora, fauna and ecology, students, researchers, activists, graduates, naturalists and scientists. Students who are interested in collaborating with this program are offered an opportunity to work as an internship education program as part of their studies. They are given training and certificates by Gram Panchayat. For that purpose, a selected  group of 26 students and 2 convenors as well as coordinators were selected from Nature Club of Christ College Vizhinjam.

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